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Summing Up the Sociopath

Just about everybody comes in contact with at least one narcissist sooner or later in their lifetime. The question of “how” did the narcissist become the way they are is not an easy explanation, or is there a definite answer. Researchers have come to few conclusions, none which can be proven. But per results, the disorder can start showing as early as age four and escalates throughout years. The disorder itself is very confusing, contradictory and cognitively dissonant; an unusual combination. People with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) have an overwhelming need for admiration. They believe they are always right, know it all, and of primary importance in everybody’s life. Their image is their survival.

People with NPD demand you do what they want to have total control over you. They will lie, push every boundary, not follow rules, throw tantrums, bribe you with sweetness and affection or will guilt trip; claiming to feel deathly sick, depressed, or cry they’re suicidal. They’ll go to any extreme. The list of their conniving ways is endless .They do all of this without hesitation or guilt because they have no conscience whatsoever. With that control they will use, abuse and manipulate their prey to wreak havoc and they do it with such stealth as to make you feel like it’s YOU that let them down.

Professionals refer narcissists, aka sociopaths as unsafe and it is not only foolish, but extremely dangerous to be in denial of that fact. The older the sociopath becomes, the disorder inflames and branches out into more destructive traits that leaves the controller in a state that’s untreatable, incurable and dangerous to anyone who crosses their path. To put it lightly, they mentally erode emotions and desires from a normal person which leaves them as an empty shell questioning their every action; spending years wondering if it were themselves that did something wrong, or wastes years thinking they could help; not being able to move on with life. Sociopaths cause complete mental scarring.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is morally insane not legally insane. By choice, they are debauched, irresponsible, negligent, reckless and irrational. They deliberately choose to hurt others because they like it. They are not victims of a disease or an emotional handicap who cannot help themselves. They are not at the mercy of their pathology, though they sure want us to believe that. They simply love havoc.

Some psychiatrists believe these are people born with evil content; plain and simple. Many doctors’ feel it’s a result from overvaluing their children with entitlement and improper teaching tools during the child’s adolescent years. And, like any other personality disorder, narcissism is chiefly heritable.

Most commonly, their victims are someone close to them; a parent, partner, a sibling, a friend, anyone they see on a regular basis.

Most psychiatrists will not try to treat them since they become manipulated themselves. Many survivors from these dark individuals recall them as “demons”, “non-human” and “the devils that walk the earth.” They become professional actors and actresses with a goal of obliteration.

The only resolution is no contact.  It doesn't matter who it is; co-worker, friend or family. For your own well-being, put distance in between you and your predator. Put the wall up. It's for your own self and anyone connected to you.