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Devastation in Herriman, Utah -

Now, This is a Demon Sociopath that has abused her exhusband with parental alienation and abused her own children for her own self serving goals

This devastating experience came to me not long ago, and this explosive story is a good example of how a very good soul can have their life literally robbed from them, just by connecting with a sociopath. Unfortuantely this young man did not know the warning signs.
  This true life experience started approximately twenty-two years ago.  We'll call this man "Daniel" and we'll call his predator "Lucy".
Daniel was raised within a large, religious family. Growing up, Daniel focused on living the life of Christianity, helping people in need and the typical skills a man should know to be able to take care of a family. He had had only one relationship while he was in High School. It was a good memory for him and the young girl and him had parted on positive terms before treading ahead into adulthood. When Daniel was in his later twenties, he met a gal, Lucy. Lucy was divorced with a son, and seemed to be ready for relationship mode, even though they had just met. Daniel, being empathetic and young, automatically thought she had a valid interest in him and wanted to further the venue. Within months of dating, Lucy began pushing for the relationship to become more substanial. Daniel didn't have a clue there was an invisible goal in the mind of this predator. Daniel did notice that Lucy had a quick temper if she didn't get her way with things; she'd play the slient game, became emotionally insecure if they weren't together. She did not care for Daniel to be around other females and would call numerous of times if she didn't know where he was, and the worst, she became extremely violent, to the point where she hit him in the face with a bottle, breaking it over his eye that left a gash above his eyebrow. When Daniel was asked, "Wasn't that enough for you to know she was crazy?" He answered, "I thought she was just insecure. I didn't think more because she played such a good game with everything else. I hadn't been aware of sociopaths before her."  
Unfortunately, Daniel married Lucy within the year. After listening to her promises and pleas of "everything will be great if we just got married", he settled. He had no idea that he had just set himself up for a nightmare that would last twenty plus years, and that the children he had would be used and abused by the person that is supposed to protect them.
Daniel remembers the newness wore off quickly after he married Lucy. He learned he couldn't talk openly about any subject without her judging and scolding. Her moods would change within seconds and her slient game became a daily event. As well, he noticed she would rumage through his pockets, automobile and everything else while he wasn't aware. Daniel still thought these were signs of someone very insecure and that it would become better in time.
"It was amazing how she could turn from being one person to a completely different person within a second, and for no reason. If we were in public, around other people, she would smile and be the nicest, caring lady you could think of. Then, as soon as we'd leave and get into my truck, she'd turn into this demon! I'm not kidding! She'd create issues out of the air. I couldn't even respond because I had no idea what she was talking about but she sure believed her own make-believe stories. I learned to stay quite. If I said anything, it didn't matter if it was nice, mean, right or wrong, she would go into attack mode and it would last for days; not moments, days! After years of this routine I got so tired of hearing from other people how nice and sweet she was. I knew the truth. She wasn't nice or sweet at all. She's a real demon. And those episodes are only the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you about her affairs, lies, how she initiated rumors about me to all of our neighbors. There were times she'd snap and come at me with her fists up and wanting to hit me for nothing. She'd tell our boys lies after lies about me. I didn't realize how bad it really was until after our divorce. Our boys are so confused. Their scared of her, you know. She has this way of scaring people. She buys her friends. She spent twenty five dollars on our son's birthday and a week later spent over two hundred on a friend. She wasn't sure if this friend liked her, so she bought her. And all that, that's still nothing to what else I can say."
Three years into their marriage, Daniel thought if he got Lucy out among a new set of friends and neighbors that the situation may improve. He bought them a pair of horses and joined a group to horse back in the evenings and weekends. After two weeks, Daniel overheard one female say, "I can tell you that one couple here will eventually be divorced soon." Daniel had no idea she was talking about him and Lucy.  
On one weekend, their new group of horse riders went on a mini vacation. On the second night, Daniel woke up at 1:00 am to find himself and his two sons in the tent; where was Lucy? Daniel, immediately worried, put on his jacket and stepped outside and found Lucy with another man beside the campfire. 
To be continued.....